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Technology / product introduction

Tera Pure H SOD-717H

Giving the power of meso-mineral to the scalp to create a healthy condition.


  • Addressing various problems of hair

    The power of meso-minerals address problems of hair that have been worried for many years.

  • Reduces irritation of hair maintenance

    It reduces irritation caused byhair color and perm, and it is also gentle for allergic skin.

  • The ingredients are all from plants. even the one whose skin have various problem can use it without worries.

    Since the ingredients are only water and meso-minerals, anyone can use it with confidence.

  • Environmentally friendly without using chemicals

    It contributes to SDGs as a product that does not impose an environmental burden.

Points of use

Fundamentally addressing various problems related to the scalp and hair.

  • POINT 1

    Pray to the long-term problem scalp

  • POINT 2

    Making healthy scalp by adding it to daily care

  • POINT 3

    Addressing troubles caused by color hairs and perm

The mechanism of Tera Pure H

A meso-mineral with a special power, which is an ingredient of Tera Pure H, is an important ingredient for the scalp and hair. It draws out the original power of the scalp and addresses the cause of long-standing troubles.

Effect / parimental experiment

With the power of meso-minerals of Tera Pure H, it addresses various of problems on the scalp and hair.

Technology Info.

Detailed technical information on QQ Water is available at the Mineral Activation Technology Research Institute.

Mineral Activation Technology Research Institute

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