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Technology / product introduction

About QQ Water

QQ Water bring a better fufure

QQ Water series that fuses mesomineral with water. All products can be used directly or can be secondary processed in other way.

※Meso-mineral is a mineral form (mesostructure) extracted from plants (roses, cherry blossoms, chrysanthemums, etc.) by using our unique technology.

Product lineup

  • Tera Protect CAC-717

    Kills 99.99% of germs and viruses! Highest safe disinfectant!

    Tera Protect can create a clean environment in various way, from touching things to disinfecting spaces, without using any chemicals.

  • Tera Pure SOD-717

    Maximize the original power of skin with the enegy of meso-minerals

    Terra Pure is a QQ Water that can be safely used by anyone with various skin problems.

  • Tera Pure H SOD-717H

    Giving the power of meso-mineral to the scalp to create a healthy condition.

    Tera Pure H is QQ Water that gives the scalp the power of mesoscopic minerals and solves long-standing problems.

  • Tera Shushu A10A-717

    Strong deodorant for any odor in any place

    Terra Shushu is a deodorant water that can handle a wide range of odors, from living spaces to animal-related products. It is an environmentally friendly product that leaves no residue even after deodorizing.

  • Tera Support A20ACA-717 (Under developing)

    Bring out physical power and support daily energy and future health

    Tera Support is a special power of mesomineral that can normalize and activate the function of cells. We believe that this action can be used for the radical cure of illness.

  • Tera Effect A-2ME

    Improves combustion efficiency of engines and boilers. Achieve greenhouse gas reduction!

    Tera effect can increase combustion efficiency and can be applied as a measure against global warming.

  • Tera Helper CL-1000

    Achieving strong cleaning without surfactants! Next-generation cleaning water that protects the environment

    Terra Helper is a next-generation cleaning water that has high detergency and does not use surfactants, so it has no environmental impact. In addition, there are various ways to use it, such as pesticide cleaning of vegetables during washing.


Technology Info.

Detailed technical information on QQ Water is available at the Mineral Activation Technology Research Institute.

Mineral Activation Technology Research Institute

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