Santa Mineral (サンタミネラル)



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Company Info.

Aiming for a truly affluent life that is friendly to the earth and people

Santa Mineral Co., Ltd. has a mission to spread the magical meso-mineral technology “QQ Technology” that created by scholars who have been researching for over 35 years.

QQ Technology created by scholars who have worked to improve the pollution of the earth. It is harmless to human and animal, and it can solve most of the problems that are occurring on the earth such as virus inactivation, pesticide-free agriculture, and improvement of pollution in the sea.
Since it is harmless to human and animal, it will not cause such as allergies, rough hands, or side-effects on human body. This technology can bring a wonderful life for all people.
Unlike the conventional chemical approach, it is a physical approach, so there is a problem that sometimes it is hard to prove it mechanism, but it is truly working for protect the earth from pollution, and everyone can live safely, conveniently without worry. We believe that it is an effective and necessary technology to the world.

Santa Mineral focus on solving environmental pollution and side-effects on human body that is caused as the progress of technology. Not only for people but also for earth, we will let more and more people to know “QQ Technology“, and through it to realize a wonderful life for both earth and human.

Santa Mineral Co., Ltd. CEO Rumiko Onishi