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About QQ Water Purifying

Regain the original beauty of natural water

Regain the original beauty of natural water

QQ Water Purifying is water purification realized by the materials that apply QQ Water.
By decomposing artificial dirt such as domestic wastewater and factory wastewater with the power of meso-minerals that returning natural water to its original state. It make water clean, let waterside plants and creatures come back.
Once the water can be returned to its original state by QQ Water Purifying, the sea and rivers can be kept clean by its self-purification ability.

※Meso-mineral is a mineral form (mesostructure) extracted from plants
(roses, cherry blossoms, chrysanthemums, etc.) by using our unique technology.

The features of QQWater Purifying

  • Restart the natural self-purification effect of natural water

    Remove dirt, keep it clean, and restore the water to its original healthy and clean state. And restore natural water to maintain clean self-cleaning power.

  • Achieves sludge decomposition that was previously impossible

    Until now, sludge could not be decomposed, and it was common to landfill or recyecle, but QQ Water Purifying can decompose sludge and solve it fundamentally.

  • Revival of aquatic life

    By regaining the original state of the waterside, the creatures that lived there can return to their traditional habitat.

  • No chemicals used and environmentally friendly

    It contributes to the SDGs by returning contaminated water to its original state and improving the water environment.

Difference between conventional water purification technology and QQ Water Purifying

Traditional purification techniques use chemicals that destroy the ecosystem in the water and the environment around it. Seas and rivers with unbalanced ecosystems lose their self-cleaning power, creating a vicious cycle of repeated cleaning with chemicals. As a result, the chemicals used for cleaning will not be decomposed and will remain in the water.

The purpose of QQ Water Purifying is not to simply purify the water source, but to restore the natural water to its original healthy state and return to the good environment where aquatic organisms can live. Moreover, let unpolluted natural water circulate naturally and keep clean without manual intervention. The main purpose of QQ Water Purifying is to adjust the balance of the water environment by restoring the water self-purify ability.

Practical example

  • Water purification for agricultural pond (Shimane Prefecture Masuda City)

    The worried about sludge accumulation and aquatic plant over grow due to eutrophication. QQ Water Purifying has solved the problem of eutrophication, and many aquatic organisms such as shrimp and killifish can be seen in the pond.

  • Water quality purification in brackish water pond in the park (Omura City, Nagasaki Prefecture)

    Sewage sludge accumulated in brackish water ponds, which are considered difficult to solve, and foul odors is also a big problem. By using QQ Water Purifying, sludge was decomposed and disappeared, and the problematic odor was solved.

  • Water quality purification in a regulating pond in the ranch (ranch attached to the University of Tokyo)

    A large amount of cyanobacteria was generated in the regulating pond for treated wastewater flowing from the animal house. One month after introducing QQ Water Purifying, the problem of cyanobacteria was addressed and the odor also disappeared.

  • Measures against abnormal breeding of sea lettuce (Omura City, Nagasaki Prefecture)

    Sea lettuce overgrows due to eutrophication, and the stench produced by it has become a problem in summer. Through QQ Water Purifying, we have successfully suppressed the overgrowth of sea lettuce.

  • Countermeasures against bad odors at sea (Omura City, Nagasaki Prefecture)

    There was a foul odor from the overgrowth of sea lettuce and sludge accumulation due to eutrophication. Four months after introducing QQ Water Purifying, we were able to make the water quality achieved water quality standard. Also we eliminated the bad odors.

  • Water quality purifying at a fishing port (Masuda City, Shimane Prefecture)

    We carried out QQ Water Purifying for the purpose of measures against shore burning and revival of aquatic organisms. The results confirmed that the conditions of rocks shore burning has occurred have been improved, and a large number of organisms and algae have grown around.

Technology Info.

Detailed technical information on QQ Water Purifying is available at the Mineral Activation Technology Research Institute.

Mineral Activation Technology Research Institute

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