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About QQ Cube

About QQ Cube

Giving the power of meso-minerals to many kind of water

QQ Cube is a cube containing meso-minerals in QQ Water.
Put the QQ Cube into water, and meso-minerals will exert their power to turn all kinds of water into the water witch has same performance as QQ Water.
All QQ Water series products can be processed into cubes. For example, tap water can be easily converted to disinfecting water by making Tera Protect (disinfectant) into a cube.

※Meso-mineral is mesostructure mineral extracted from plants and soil by using our unique technology.

QQ Cube

A convenient cube that gives the power of meso-minerals to many kind of water

The cube that contains the meso-minerals of the QQ Water series is the "Tera Cube". By putting Terra Cube in water, meso-mineral exerts its power and has various effects like QQ Water.
In addition, Tera Cube can give the power of meso-mineral to not only tap water but also many waters such as rainwater, storage water, and thaw water. Therefore, it is possible to make clean water without using large machines or chemicals even in areas where there is no clean water.

QQ Cube practical example

  • Protect Cube(disinfectant)

    Protect Cube is a QQ Cube processed by Tera Protect of QQ Water series. After putting it in the water, it uses the power of mesoscopic minerals to transform the water into sterile water.
    Installing the water tank equipped with Protect Cube, which can easily convert tap water, rainwater, storage water, etc. into sterile water. It can be installed not only indoors, but also outdoor for large-scale use.

  • Agricultural cube

    An agricultural Cube made from the meso-minerals contained in QQ Water. It contains a large amount of mesoscopic minerals of calcium, so it can provide water-soluble calcium.
    There are many ways to use it depending on the environment, such as putting the Cube on the soil for normal watering, or putting the Cube in a water tank before watering.

  • Water quality cube

    A water purification cube made from the meso-minerals contained in QQ Water. By putting a Water Quality Cube in the target area, it uses the power of meso-minerals to improve the water quality of various environments such as ponds, the sea, and dam.
    Water Quality Cube decomposes various kinds of dirt, restores the water to its original state, and then makes the water clean and revives plants and organisms.

The resulf of pratical text

The effectiveness and safety of QQ Cube has been proven by third party.

Content of test Evaluation Test result Testing institution
Ceramic water quality test results


Conforms to water quality standards
kitasato research center for environmental science
Protect・Stone 24-hour closed patch test


No skin irritation
Research facility Kirei Testing Labo Co., Ltd.

Technology Info.

Detailed technical information on QQ Cube is available at the Mineral Activation Technology Research Institute.

Mineral Activation Technology Research Institute

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