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Technology / product introduction

Tera Shushu A10A-717

Strong deodorant for any odor in any place


  • Strongly deodorizes to all king of odor, and keeps long-term effect

    Strongly deodorizes any odor and keeps the effectIt can also eliminate the odors of cigarettes and pets, and the deodorant effect lasts for long time.

  • High safety because it is derived from plants

    Since the ingredients are only water and meso-minerals, it can be safely used by people and pets.

  • Achieve a comfortable space with air purification effect

    It decomposes harmful gases that cause allergies and purifies the air.

  • Environmentally friendly without using chemicals

    It contributes to SDGs as a deodorizing method that does not leave chemical residues.

Points of use

Creating a comfortable space by decomposing all odors such as cigarette odors and pet odors.

  • POINT 1

    Directly spray to the things that cause odors to do deodorizing

  • POINT 2

    Spray and deodorize the space

  • POINT 3

    Safe deodorant even in places where chemicals cannot be used

  • POINT 4

    Continuous deodorizing effect by coating on walls and animal houses

The mechanism of Tera Shushu

The special power of meso-mineral, which is a component of Terra Shushu, removes the odor and decomposes it from the causing. Since the substance that causes the odor is completely decomposed, there is no odor left behind. Moreover, meso-minerals are derived from plants in the natural world, they can be deodorized without adversely affecting human body.

Effect / parimental experiment

The deodorant effect of Tera Shushu and its sustainability have been confirmed by pariment experiments. In the deodorant experiment conducted in the car, it can be seen that the odor disappeared after used Tera Shushu, and the deodorant effect continues even after one month.

Technology Info.

Detailed technical information on QQ Water is available at the Mineral Activation Technology Research Institute.

Mineral Activation Technology Research Institute

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