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Technology / product introduction

Tera Effect A-2ME

Improves combustion efficiency of engines and boilers. Achieve greenhouse gas reduction!


  • Improving combustion efficiency of boilers and engines

    The power of meso-mineral can be used to improve combustion efficiency.

  • High safety because it's ingerdients are all derived from plants

    Since the ingredients are only water and meso-minerals, it can be used use in any place without worries.

  • Stop global warming by reducing exhaust gas

    By reducing harmful components contained in exhaust gas, it will lead to measures against global warming.

  • Environmentally friendly without using chemicals

    It contributes to SDGs as a product that does not impose an environmental burden.

Points of use

Combustion efficiency can be expected to increase in various places such as engines, boilers and greenhouses.

  • POINT 1

    Achieving low fuel consumption by processing into the engine room of car

  • POINT 2

    Improving fuel efficiency by processing into agricultural boilers

  • POINT 3

    Efficient temperature control by processing the walls of greenhouses

The mechanism of Tera Effect

The special power of meso-mineral, which is a component of the tera effect, activates molecules of combustion, which can increase combustion efficiency.

Effect / parimental experiment

The combustion efficient of Tera Effect has been proven in experiments in actual farmhouse. By processing Tera Effect inside the greenhouse and at the air vent of the boiler, then comparing the temperature rise speed with the unprocessed group, it is concluded that the temperature rise speed of the processed Tera Effect is faster.

Technology Info.

Detailed technical information on QQ Water is available at the Mineral Activation Technology Research Institute.

Mineral Activation Technology Research Institute

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