Santa Mineral (サンタミネラル)



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Santa Mineral (サンタミネラル) Santa Mineral (サンタミネラル)

We will create a sustainable future life with next-generation water using naturally derived mesominerals.

We are a company that develops and manufactures the meso-structured mineral applid technology "QQ Technology" and its applid product "QQ Water" by scholars who are committed to improving the pollution of the earth's environment.

QQ Technology and QQ Water are harmless to humans and animals because it does not use any chemicals, but by applying the power of meso-minerals, it can solve various problems in wide range fields such as living environment, medical care, agriculture, and environmental improvement. For example, it can sterilizing and deodorizing in daily life, daily care, and environmental improvement such as water purification and pesticide-free cultivation.

We will make infinite contributions to the future through the development and manufacture of new generation water "QQ Water" and "QQ Technology".

※Meso-mineral is a mineral form (mesostructure) extracted from plants (roses, cherry blossoms, chrysanthemums, etc.) by using our unique technology.

Save the earth with nature power of meso-minerals

Our technology "QQ Technology" is the world's first technology that extracts meso- minerals with special power from plants (roses, cherry blossoms, chrysanthemums, etc.) and fuses them with water. By fusing meso-mineral with water, we have succeeded in developing "QQ Water" that can apply its special power to various situations. QQ Water, which has the power of meso-minerals, is harmless to humans and animals, but can achieve outstanding results in various fields. QQ Technology and QQ Water are attracting worldwide attention as epoch-making technologies that enable the radical cure of illness, the regain of the natural environment, and the improvement of living standards.